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One-Time Services

Sol Landscaping's One-Time Services offer a comprehensive solution for your landscape's specific needs, from seasonal clean-ups and soil enhancements to specialized care like de-thatching and pressure washing. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional, tailored services to ensure your outdoor space remains beautiful and functional throughout the year.
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One-Time Landscaping Services

At Sol Landscaping, we understand that your outdoor space needs occasional specialized care to maintain its beauty and functionality. Our one-time services are designed to address specific needs, whether it's a seasonal refresh, preparing for a special event, or simply giving your landscape the attention it deserves. Our team of professionals is equipped to deliver high-quality, efficient services tailored to your unique landscape requirements.

Our One-Time Landscaping Services Include:

  • Irrigation System Installations: Our irrigation system installations ensure your landscape receives the optimal amount of water it needs to thrive. Tailored to the specific requirements of your property, these systems conserve water while keeping your lawn and plants healthy and vibrant.

  • Retention/Rock Walls: Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your landscape with custom-designed retention and rock walls. These structures not only prevent soil erosion but also add a natural, elegant touch to your property, defining spaces and providing structural support to sloped areas.

  • Bark Mulch Applications: Applying high-quality bark mulch to your garden beds helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil health. Additionally, it provides a polished look to your landscape, enhancing its overall appearance.

  • Garden Soil Applications: Our garden soil applications enrich your soil with essential nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth. Tailored to your garden's specific needs, this service ensures your plants, flowers, and vegetables have a strong foundation for thriving.

  • New Sod Installations: Transform your lawn instantly with our new sod installation services. We provide high-quality sod that suits your area's climate, ensuring a lush, green lawn that enhances your property's curb appeal.

  • Over-seeding: Over-seeding is a critical service for repairing thin or damaged lawns, introducing new grass varieties to improve lawn density, resilience, and color.

  • De-thatching: Removing thatch buildup from your lawn allows water, nutrients, and air to reach the soil more effectively, promoting a healthier, more vigorous lawn.

  • Aerating: Our aeration service relieves soil compaction, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the soil, encouraging deeper root growth and healthier grass.

  • Hauling Debris: We efficiently remove and haul away yard debris, including branches, leaves, and clippings, keeping your property clean and tidy.

  • Hedge Trimming: Professional hedge trimming not only keeps your hedges looking neat but also promotes healthy growth and dense foliage.

  • Tree Pruning: Our tree pruning services remove dead or diseased branches, enhance tree shape and structure, and prevent potential hazards, promoting overall tree health.

  • Pressure Washing: Restore the look of your driveways, walkways, patios, and other hardscape surfaces with our pressure washing service, effectively removing dirt, grime, and algae for a refreshed appearance.

  • Clean-ups: Seasonal or as-needed clean-up services prepare your property for the coming season, removing leaves, debris, and other elements that can detract from your landscape's beauty.

  • Gravel/Path/Parking Installations: We design and install gravel paths and parking areas, providing functional, aesthetically pleasing solutions that enhance accessibility and reduce mud and erosion.

  • Window Cleaning: Our window cleaning service ensures your home or business looks its best, offering streak-free clarity to enhance your property’s overall appearance and allowing more natural light into your spaces.

Custom Requests

Have a specific need not listed above? Reach out to us with your special service request, and we will endeavor to accommodate your needs with our customary dedication to excellence.

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